A Bright Future on the Horizon

Providing students with the resources and community they need to go to college and become career ready.

Who are we?

What is EmpowerU?

EmpowerU is a new EdTech Startup. Our organization strives to address educational disparities by creating a mobile app platform that would enable high school students from across the nation to have access to incredible resources (such as scholarships, internships, summer programs, and connect with local non-profit organizations) while enabling them to talk with current college students.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to help students gain access to the tools and resources they need to improve their lives, all while building an empowering community!

We are really looking to make a national social impact and revolutionize the ETech industry.

Did you know?

7 million

students DO NOT have access to the tools they need to obtain higher education

Our Story

Hear from our very own founder!

What inspired you to create EmpowerU?

“As a first-generation, low-income student I have experienced education disparities firsthand. The majority of my fellow peers in high school did not know how to apply to college if it was a feasible option for them, and above all whether or not they would be able to afford it.

Growing up, I didn’t know anyone who had gone to college. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school, that I met a fellow Latina attending a prestigious university on a full-ride. She inspired me, gave me the courage to dream big and enabled me to see the possibilities that were out there for students like me. I want to implement this form of inspiration in Empower U, by building a social platform where students from all across the nation can share their own experiences. I believe that these stories have the ability to inspire students and help them see that they too have the potential to succeed and go to college.”

Elvia Perez Founder

Meet our Team

Owner Elvia Perez Co-founder
Owner Meera Kurup Co-founder
Owner Kristen Marchetti Marketing Director
Owner Carla Balvaneda Business and
Research Analyst
Owner Jason Senthil App Developer
Owner Joungbihn Park App Developer
Owner Ian Acosta App Developer

About our app!

Share and connect students
to resources

We provide students access to resources through a sustainable database where students can log in to their own accounts and post credible sources. In addition, students will also be able to share opportunities with their fellow peers. These resources will be filtered daily to ensure reliability. Students will then be able to save these resources and complete them on their own schedule.

Create and sustain
supportive communities

We create a supportive community by enabling users to connect with their friends once they have logged in and the ability to expand their network by connecting with other users. This creates a sense of connection the instant they sign up for an account.

Incentivize students to take
advantage of opportunities

We also implement gamification to incentivize students to take advantage of these resources. Students can then go on to accumulate points and receive badges for their efforts.

Search for various educational opportunities

Share your story and inspire others

Establish meaningful connections with a community

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